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Steve Blackburn (The Dog Father) is my weekly dog walker for my young Rottweiler, Isis. Steve has been looking after Isis on the days that I work since she was 8 weeks old, and I am delighted with the fantastic, reliable service he provides.



I would strongly recommend Steve to anybody who needs additional help in caring for their pet. Isis is extremely special to our family and her care is a priority to me. I chose Steve because he offers a very reliable, caring and individual service. Steve is very experienced with a variety of different breeds of dog, and this was very important to me, because Isis is a big girl who needs a knowledgeable and trustworthy handler.



During the time that he has looked after her, Steve has built up a very strong bond with Isis. On occasions where I see Steve out and about with other dogs, it is difficult for me to hold Isis back, because she is just so overjoyed to see Steve and give him a big lick!



Steve has varied the care he gives Isis depending on her needs at the time. When she was very young, Steve would come and play with Isis inside my home and would do some obedience with her. Once she got older, Steve started taking her on walks and socialising her with other dogs. Isis recently injured her leg, and Steve was fantastic in adjusting her walks to suit her needs and driving her to a local field to minimise the impact on her joint, rather than making her walk on concrete. Steve is always keen to work on the commands that I want to focus on that week, and he has helped prepare Isis for shows by running through the 'stand' command with her.



I know that Isis is receiving the best care possible when she is with Steve, and that peace of mind is priceless. I hope that Steve will continue to look after Isis for a long time to come, and I recommend him without hesitation.



Kind Regards,



Lucy and Isis x





We have employed Steve Blackburn (The Dog Father) as our weekly dog walker for just shy of a year now. Steve has been walking Max since he was 12 weeks old and in that time he has proved to be extremely reliable, cheerful and very trustworthy. Steve has a set of door keys and we are more than happy to let him have access to our home when fetching and delivering Max. Steve currently takes Max for walks 4 times a week and will do extra if requested without hesitation.


Steve takes Max on lots of varied walks around our local area andHillside. He also takes time out to train Max and socializes him with other dogs on a regular basis.


What really seals the deal for us though is Steve’s genuine fondness of Max and vica versa. You only have to mention Steve’s name in our house and Max’s tail starts to wagg! Max comes home from his walks, happy, relaxed, satisfied and more often than not tired – a very hard task with a springer spaniel!!


I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone who is interested in employing him as a dog walker.



Katie, Dave & Maxi Moo!!








Just wanted to say we are really pleased with the service you provide. Mia has taken to you very well and she can be a bit difficult with new people at times, but with your experience we can see this has not been a problem.


I also wanted to thank you for the time and training you spend with Mia, the service you provide is fantastic and at a very reasonable price.

We will be recommending you to anyone we know in the future, as it is probably the best dog walking/sitting business we know.

Thanks again

Will & Erica Oh and Mia!


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